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4 Week Pre-Made Programs
3 Levels

All programs target the entire body putting a special emphasis on the hips, ankles, shoulders & thoracic spine.
4 mobility sessions per week + 1 optional hiit workout (20 - 25 minutes each)

Video demonstrations of all exercises

Increasing difficulty throughout the weeks

These are the perfect addition to any strength, conditionning, weight loss or functional training program you may already have. They can complement perfectly other workouts or can be used exclusively as your only training plan.

I strongly suggest starting with LEVEL 1 and progressing from there.


​​​Please note, that I would classify LEVEL 1 as more of an intermediate program than a beginner one. If you have never ever done any mobility work, stretching (dynamic or static) or worked out altogether, consider getting a customized plan instead that will be tailored to you specifically.

When you purchase your program it will start on the following MONDAY (or on the day of if you purchase on a monday). We can postpone the start date if you let me know within the first week! Once a program is completed it can be restarted as many times as you wish for 4.99$ CAD. 

All sales are final. No refunds on digital products.


level 1


39.99$ CAD

level 2


39.99$ CAD

level 3

requires equipment

mix of BODYWEIGHT & WEIGHTED exercises

can be done at the gym or at home if you have the following equipment:

  • kettlebell (variety of weights preferably)

  • ​​loop resistance band (low resistance preferably)

  • plates (variety of light ones <15lbs preferably)​

49.99$ CAD

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