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6 WEEK PLANS 100% customized to your goals, training and health history as well as available equipment and space.

6 week plans

➤ 6 Week Customized Workout Plan
➤ Nutrition E-Book + Recipes / Meal Ideas
➤ Ongoing Support
➤ Habit Coaching

6 Week Customized Workout Plan
• Detailed workouts with video demonstrations
• Choose between 2 and 7 workouts per week
• Choose the duration of your workouts
• Swap out exercises if needed
• Can be at the gym, at home or hybrid
• Workouts vary throughout the weeks based on your progress & feedback

Possibility to incorporate as many of the following components as you wish:​
✔ Cardio
✔ Core Strength & Stability
✔ Resistance Training
✔ Functional & Circuit Training
✔ Flexibility Drills
✔ Mobility Exercises
✔ Static & Dynamic Stretching


Join the Waiting List to be notified when the new spots open up!

If you are looking for a pre-made workout plan check out the Get Moving programs!



Vicky is such a fantastic coach! I’m currently on my seventh program and I’ve loved every single one. The workouts are always interesting and challenging at the same time. Every week I look forward to seeing what she has in store for me and it never disappoints! She’s always super easy to talk to if you have any questions regarding workouts or fitness goals. Having a workout plan personalized for me by someone like Vicky, who knows what she’s doing and is so creative and supportive, has been an absolute game changer for my strength and fitness. I seriously could not recommend Vicky enough!!


I have been doing different programs with Vicky since December 2021 starting with the advent calender, followed by home-workout program, and now online coaching. I am loving them all! I selected Vicky for two reasons: 1) Vicky is being trusted by one of the biggest gyms in Montreal to plan their daily workouts. If that gym trusts Vicky with all the clients over four branches, no doubt she has a distinctly knowledgeable expertise! 2) I trained in person with her few times and noticed how passionate she is about the success of the clients - it is not just a job for her, she actually loves what she does and cares about her clients!

The workouts are always fun and beautifully surprising in every stage. I have never committed to doing strength trainings until joining Vicky's program. The program is written down in a convenient manner, so we can totally focus on our workout while easily recording our performance to monitor progress. She is unbelievably creative even with little equipment, as the case with the gym I go to. Vicky is very easy to communicate with in regards to goals and workouts. Now, I am much stronger, and I can see my chest and back getting toned for the first time in my life!


I have been training with Vicky since October of 2020, in this time I've done in person 1 on 1 training as well as online coaching. I quickly started seeing better results with her then I had in the 3 years prior training alone. She pushes me to my limits but respects my boundaries, adjusting exercises and routines to meet my needs but still push me to improve. With the online program going to the gym feels like a no brainer, I just have to show up and do it. No planning ahead. Everything is layed out for me in the app, it allows me to track and leave comments on each workout. Vicky is so responsive to my comments and questions and works with me so I can succeed. Honestly from the day I met Vicky there was no question; she genuinely cares. I couldn't recommend Vicky enough, she changed my fitness journey.


While I had been regularly going to the gym for close to 5 years, working with Vicky helped to identify important opportunities in terms of correcting form. She takes the time, week after week, to make sure that you are seeing progress in terms of both fitness and form. Her customized program is updated based on your specific needs, and keeps things fresh while working towards your goals. 100% recommend getting Vicky onto your team!


Sport has almost always been part of my life but since I met Vicky I took it on another level. I started with the Christmas Advent Calendar Challenge and never stopped since then - almost 9 months! For the first time I became so dedicated and motivated to workout 4 or more times per week. Vicky is very sweet and caring person, but at the same time tough and does not let you give up or feel left behind. The programs are tailor-made, in accordance with my specific needs and goals and are diverse and challenging so I never get bored. The best thing is that I really feel the progress I have made. Vicky helped me realize that through hard work, dedication and perseverance (and maybe a bit of patience) the good results are inevitable!


The best part is that I can now do things that seemed impossible in the beginning. Vicky makes it all possible!! She is always taking into account my goals and my specific requests. I am working out with her for almost 9 months and I don't plan to stop ever. Her programs are diverse and challenging so the progress is inevitable and I could never get bored. I am truly greatful that I found Vicky because she changed my whole lifestyle for the better. 😊


I ended up doing 3 plans during quarantine. Vicky was an amazing coach! She was so attentive each week, she made sure what was working and wasn't.  She even pushed my limits even though I didn't think I could do it. The positive motivation is what made me go further and further.Any questions I had, Vicky was there to answer. After my plan was up  I was getting stronger, she made such creative workouts for the next one and we decided to take to the next level by adding sandbags am I'm happy we did. I absolutely recommend that you try one out! Thank you Vicky!!!


Bon par où commencer!!! Gros merci à Vicky de m’avoir aider à m’apprivoiser avec les machines à la salle de Gym grace à son programme personnalisé en ligne!! J’ai toujours été intimidé par toutes ces machines et grâce à elle et à son programme, ses conseils et sa disponibilité pour répondre à toutes mes questions et je peux vous dire qu’ils y en avaient j’ai progressé tellement rapidement aussi bien mentalement que physiquement. Maintenant c’est un réel plaisir d’aller au gym, faire mon entraînement et de voir les progrès au fur et à mesure des semaines . Je la recommande les yeux fermés! Merci pour tout 🙏 . Best coach ever!!!


Thank you so much for taking the time to know my needs and have worked hard to make sure I had the best workouts and achieve my goals. I love the variety of workouts available for every kind of muscle, thank you so much, it did keep me very motivated to follow my routine and achieve everything. Thank youuuuu, you’re the best ❤️


Vicky was an amazing coach! We did the training program online/virtually, but I felt like I got to know her so well even despite having done everything digitally. She was super accommodating and really listened to my needs & goals. Having being a CPT myself, I knew I only wanted a coach that I could trust, respected, and that would challenge me. Vicky was all of this and more! I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to take their training to the next level. She is there from you from day 1 and only wants to see you become the best version of yourself, and will push you to get there. I’m super thankful for Vicky, not only for the training, but the friendship I’ve made with her!


Vicky I just want to say thank you so much!! You’re such a great trainer and I feel so comfortable and confident going to the gym because of you. Thank you sososo much!!


Working with Vicky has been a game changer for my progress in the gym!! I’ve been working out for several years but within the first 6 weeks of training with Vicky I am already seeing progress in my strength and in my body of course. I even hit a squat PR that I expected to take a lot longer to hit! Vicky really listened to my goals and any feedback I had week to week and curated the perfect program for me. I came to her looking for professional guidance and structure in my workout routine and she did just that!


Hi Vicky, I just want to say thank you because I’m so happy to have found you. I love your online coaching and every two weeks I’m so impatient to see what you have for me. So thanks for that 🙏🏾. When customers are happy they have to say it!! 😉


I do want to say that I absolutely loved this workout plan and the app. Everything was so easy to work and helped me stay on track, you did an amazing job! So Thank youu sm for helping me get back into shape

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